When you are just starting out in UI design, it can be intimidating when you browse dribbble or behance or such sites. You will see beautiful designs from various talented designers around the world on these sites and if you are anything like me then you must wonder why your…

Getting your first freelance project is a feeling that you will never forget. And the day you get paid for it would be even better. But the journey from the first contact with the client and to the completion is not filled with roses. …

Get ready to see instant improvement in your designs. I have included sources also from where you can learn these skills.

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As designers, we need to keep upgrading our skillset every day. Every day there is some new technique to learn and master. You cannot be left behind your peers.

No medium leaves such a profound and deep impact on our heart and mind as the movies.

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Whether it’s Tony Stark telling Thanos that “He is the Ironman” or Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings not allowing a certain demon to pass through to save his friends, all these…

First impression is the last impression. This might not apply all the time but most of the time it does hold true. Your visitors are affected by what they see first on your website. So it helps to make it creative to increase their interest.

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Hero section refers to the…

Nothing will help you become a pro designer faster than working on your typography skills. So let’s see how you can elevate your typography game with few simple tips.

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The web is made of text. All the webpages on the world wide web are composed mostly of text. …

What can you learn from dribbble as a UI/UX designer? I analysed the Dribbble blog starting from Jan 2021 to find out the answer.

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Dribbble is a premier design community for designers and artists. It features top quality work from various talented designers across the world.

I visit dribbble frequently…

Here are some daily struggles in the life of a designer which hopefully won’t stop you from becoming one.

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This article is based on my own real world experiences.

So, without wasting any time on an intro, let’s get directly into the meat of the article.

The following are the…

Have you watched “Mythbusters”, a popular TV show in which two scientists debunk popular myths?

Well, in this article, we shall not only debunk some prevalent myths about marketing but also build our understanding of some of its basic principles.

Marketing is part of our daily lives and its importance…

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