The best tip to make progress

A simple trick to ensure you make daily progress

Kush Sharma
2 min readJun 6, 2022
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Failing to achieve our goals is the most common problem of every living being on this planet.

We set goals, and forget them.

Then after some days, we remember about our forgotten goals, and what do we do?

We set more, and you guessed it right, we forget them too.

Instead of taking a step back and taking stock of the current situation, we pile on top of it.

So, how can we make progress on our goals, daily?

This is a simple tip I heard from Jim Kwik.

He said,” If you want to make progress, schedule it.”

Creating a calendar of your daily work is the most underrated activity that we should do more often and daily.

Even I don’t do that.

See, if you have a clear list of tasks, you see your goal posts more clearly. You know where you are going and what should you do to go there.

If your path is blurry you are bound to entertain anything you are hit with.

You will tackle that first instead of focusing on the goal post.

So, simply schedule your goals daily. Make time for your goals. Focus on important than what is urgent.

Maybe it’s just half an hour daily or just 15 minutes.

If you do it daily no matter how small, you will begin to gain self-esteem, and your confidence will soar as you do what you intend to do.

It gives your word, power. The power of honesty. This power then propels you to increase your time. Slowly and steadily you will be logging hours instead of minutes.

The result of all that will be MASSIVE PROGRESS.

Hence, in order to progress, schedule it daily.

I write on my blog daily. This is day 75 of my daily writing challenge for 2022. I write about what interests me. There is no word limit. I am doing this simply to become a better writer. Tag along with me and share your own journey.



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