When all seems lost

It’s not easy to look up but you need to try

Kush Sharma
3 min readJun 2, 2022
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Is all lost, ever?

In our life, we sometimes face situations when everything seems to be going directly against us.

The whole world becomes like a dragon after our gold.

We lose our peace, overthink everything, lose trust in people and curse God in every word that comes to our mouths.

The most common utterance during these times is: “why me?”

Indeed, why you?

What is the most appropriate reaction in these times?

I believe we have the right to get upset, and maybe shed tears too. We are not machines and emotions do affect us. Releasing them is a good way to stay sane. Bottling things up seldom helps.

So, do that.

But not forever. Nope.

If we sit on our grief forever we give way to negative energy. It can take hold of our minds and lead us to dark paths of depression, guilt, and despair.

Avoid it at all costs.

What should you do then?

Everything is temporary

This is a nice philosophy to keep oneself in check both in the time of happiness and sadness.

Another thing to remember is like everything in life, this phase is also temporary. It won’t last forever. And that is a good thing.

Just let go of your negative emotions by talking to somebody. Unload your grief and share it with others. You will feel lighter. And eventually, come out of it.

Balance is the key

A lot of religions propose balance.

Lord Buddha said, “Balance is the key”.

Keep a balanced state of mind in life. It’s definitely hard and more so at times of happiness.

When we are happy we tend to go overboard with our celebrations forgetting that grief is lurking around the corner and vice-versa.

Remember your past victories

In times of sadness, just look at your past and see how you emerged victorious in life’s situations.

Your past wins will give you a much-needed jolt of positive energy.

Often in life, we give too much importance to our mistakes. We dwell on it. But at the same time, we tend to forget our wins easily or we try to be humble.

Don’t do that.

Keep a record of your wins and refer to them when you are sad. This will give you perspective on how far you have pushed your limits and you are not lost in your life.

These are some ways to face your life when all seems lost. Just remember there are people in worse situations than yours. Or if you have hit the bottom there is only one way to go from there, i.e. UP.

Upwards & Onwards.

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